Our high performance vinyl siding and shakes come in a large variety of rich, long lasting colors
and stunning textures, with rock solid durability. Our Eco- friendly, moisture resistant siding
comes with a lifetime guarantee. Trim and accessories are also available in a full range of styles
and colors to help create a custom design for your home that is timeless and unique.

Vinyl Siding: Clean, Bright and Beautiful
Are you tired of painting and everything that goes with it: ladders, brushes, rollers, tarps,
caulking and sanding? How about bees and other summer bugs swarming around you while
you’re trying to do a good job. Maybe you’re not a DIY person, but you hire it out every 7-10
years (if you’re trying to keep your house well-protected). The cost of painting an average home
can be $5-7K. That will add up over a 20-30-year period.

The long-term solution
But cost is only one consideration. A painted home can develop air and water leaks that are not
immediately noticeable and over time can cause damage to exterior sidings and to the wall
sheathing and insulation behind it. Caulking is another area that requires upkeep in-between

Instead of a thin layer of paint and caulk, consider putting a technologically-advanced fade-
resistant layer of protection on your home. Vinyl siding typically lasts twice as long as a
professional paint job. Here are some of the advantages of using vinyl siding instead of paint:
? Vinyl siding is clean, bright and beautiful and will last for decades when properly
? Moisture-resistant even in high humidity areas like Long Island.
? Comes in a variety of colors and designs.
? Very low-maintenance.
? Eco-friendly. Most of the vinyl siding manufactured today is recyclable.
? Can have insulation added during installation for extra savings on heating and cooling.

Multiple design and color options
One of the big advantages of using vinyl siding instead of paint is in the area of design. Paint
will just accentuate what is already there, but with vinyl siding you can create a totally new look
for your home. Gone are the days when you had one choice of design and a couple of colors.
You can choose from a standard clapboard design to a dutch-lap pattern or a woodshake look;
and the options for patterns and designs go on and on.
Color choices are numerous in today’s market and vinyl siding color in most products is baked-
in during the manufacturing process. That means if you get a scratch on your siding the original
color of the siding is still showing through.

Call for a free estimate
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