Future Image Designs

Future Image Designs is an experienced general contractor dedicated to quality home improvements and efficient management of resources. Our track record with home improvements, renovations and restorations has earned us a reputation for being creative, technologically advanced and extremely responsive to our customers. Message from the owner: "Our two greatest assets are our employees and our integrity. Our employees are experienced and act in a professional manner. Our competitive advantage stems from the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that permeates our company. All the employees at Future Image Designs care, therefore enhancing our ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. Above all, we are dedicated to our customers and their projects. In addition, we are committed to community service, as a company and as individuals." Future Image Designs is also fully licensed to secure your trust.

Nassau County License # H18C8340000
Suffolk County License # 36329-H
Long Beach Licence #5315